Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | December 22, 2009

Quilt for Newborn Neighbor

Although we seem to be in the holiday party season big time, I have managed to complete the top for my neighbor’s newborn son. I will not have time to layer, quilt, and bind it before Christmas, but I am thrilled I got this far in a week. The finished size will be 34″ x 44″. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Quilt for Joshua


  1. What a cute top silver. I think it’s a lucky baby. Good bright energetic colors.

    • Thank you Arlinda. I have always loved strong, bright colors, never really cared too much for pastels. I’m not sure if it was because of my poor sight in one eye or for some other reason.

  2. It’s really beautiful. I wish I could whip out something like that so quickly. But coming from you, it’s no surprise at all. I hope you’ll show it again when you’ve done the quilting.

    • I plan to quilt on it next week between Christmas and the New Year. I want to get it finished so I can get to painting. A couple of national shows I want to enter are coming up in 1010. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I enjoyed the Christmas letter.

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