Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | December 27, 2009

Oklahoma City Blizzard December 2009

We woke up Christmas Eve to the sound of sleet which quickly turned to snow. Our local NBC, ABC, and CBS television channels became non-stop weather channels for the rest of the day. The snow, which  continued through midnight, set a record for a one-day fall in OKC–14.1 inches.

On Christmas morning after gifts and hot chocolate, my husband and I put on many layers of clothes and our yak-tracs (things that keep you from slipping on ice) and went out to build a snowman. My husband, who grew up in Michigan, was much more familiar with this activity than I. The snow was powdery and would not stick, so he filled a gallon sprayer (one for pesticides, I think) with water and he would spray a layer of water and I would pack on a layer of snow. In that way we managed to build a three-tiered snowman.

I added driftwood from Lake Michigan for arms, mittons, a straw hat held on with shish-kabob skewers, two blue bottle caps for eyes, a cork for a nose, English Ivy for ears, and a twig for the mouth. I added a red sash around the neck from my quilting fabrics. Of course we had to take pictures. Here are a couple.

Snowman December 2009

Snowman in Oklahoma City

We were not able to get out at all on Christmas Eve but did manage to drive 8 miles to attend Christmas dinner at a friend’s house on Christmas afternoon. There were many stalled cars abandoned along the way. I have lived here for 12 years and this is the biggest snow we’ve had. I don’t think I like it especially when I have go somewhere in a car. 

This is sooooo un-Oklahoma!


  1. Join the club! You get used to it after awhile. Of course if you don’t have be anywhere at a certain time, it’s still okay. Makes everything look pristine and pure, doesn’t it? I like you snowperson.

    • Do you get a lot of snow where you are?

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