Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | January 12, 2010

Joshua Quilt Completed

Yesterday, I completed Joshua’s quilt and washed and dried it. I considered the quilting a success since it held together through the washing and drying. When I make a baby quilt, I want it to be used. I talked with a  mother awhile back who put the quilt I made for her baby four years ago in a drawer to save it for her daughter when she is grown up and has a child of her own.  What if her daughter does the same thing? The quilt will never be used.

Here are the three photos of Joshua’s quilt in different stages.

January 11, 2010 Finished  quilt

Joshua's Finished Quilt

January 4, 2010

Joshua's quilt pin-basted

Joshua's Qult Pin-basted

December 22, 2009

Qult for Joshua


  1. I can see what washing did for the quilt–gave it a softer puffier look, but I’m having trouble seeing the “quilting” and was wondering if you could give just a little description. Is it ditch quilted, outline? Do you ever or did you ever try handquilting?

    • Alice, for both expediency and to make the quilt softer for the baby, I changed my mind about doing a lot of free-motion quilting on it. Instead, I quilted in the ditch about every 3 inches. When I made my first quilt in Tennessee back in 1995, I decided to handquilt it. After a whole day of completing only three rows of straight stitching (very uneven stitches, I might add) across a 40″ quilt, I decided handquilting was not for me. I still do some decorative handstitching on some of my art quilts.

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