Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | March 3, 2010

MountainWoman Silver Visits New Mexico-Arizona

I have just returned from a trip of 2800 miles through southern New Mexico and Arizona. As always, the scenery in those two states is breathtaking! I came back with over 400 new photographs and hopefully, some will become new paintings and quilts.

I have loved northern New Mexico since I first visted Santa Fe and Taos in 1983. This is my first trip south; I toured Alamagordo and White Sands National Monument as well as visitng four Spanish style churches around Tularosa and the Mescalero Apache Reservation. I was able also to visit Petroglyph Park near La Luz and took about 30 pictures of the scratched images on the rocks. I am thinking of making a quilt using a different image on each block.

I found that the dust in all the places I visited–Alamagordo area, Las Cruces, Tombstone, Bizbee, Tucson, and Kingman–bothered my asthma. Fortunately, most areas had  recently received rain or snow and that had settled the dust.

Driving from Tucson to Kingman, Arizona took me through Wickenburg via highways 60 and 93 and I saw some of the most spectaculor mountain scenes. The sky was full of dramatic clouds left over from showers that morning.

Here are a few pictures:

Arizona Hwy 93 scene

More Hwy 93

Laguna Pueblo Church in NM on I-40

Cowboy herding cows across road

© MountainWoman Silver and MountainWoman Silver Speaks, 2010


  1. So glad you enjoyed your trip silver. i lived in alamogordo as a child and up in high rolls above alamogordo. such a beautiful part of the country. La Luz is one of my favorite sites. can’t wait to see what you create.

    • Thanks Arlinda. Was dust a problem when you were growning up there? They now seem to have dust storms, flash flooding following the spring thaw of snow on the mountains or after heavy rains, and bad erosion.

  2. Just curious – did you take the picture of the cowboy herding the cows? If so, when? Is this NM? There is a man on facebook using this picture claiming it is him from 2009, but I am pretty sure it is not. Thanks!


    • I took this photo in March of 2010 around Tularosa, NM. Can you provide the site that is claiming this photo? I do not know the name of the man whose picture I took. It may be him and he mis-remembered the year.

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