Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | May 10, 2010

Talking about One’s Own Artwork

Since becoming affiliated with the Contemporary Art Gallery in the Paseo Arts District of Oklahoma City, my life has become a bit too full of activity. Yet, I’m learning constantly new things about myself.

This past Friday, ten of my paintings were unveiled for the opening reception at CAG during the First Friday Art Walk in the Paseo. CAG has 15 artists. I found that I could talk easily with patrons about other artists’ work, but when I stood in front of my own, I became tongue-tied. The things I could say about fellow artists seemed immodest when applied by me to my art. Heaven forbid that I should go against the teachings of my parents about modesty: I could hear them in my head saying “pride goeth before a fall”. I found I could discuss my process if that is what someone wanted to know, but I was stumped by questions like, “What inspired you to do this work?”, “How do you choose your subject matter?”, “How long did that take you to do?”.

I often begin a work with no preconceived image in mind. A work may take hours, weeks, months, or years depending on what it tells me to do and how long I have to wait before knowing what the next step is. Because of this proces, I work on multiple projects. and at any time, new pieces are being started and others are being finished

In the next few posts, I plan to show some of the paintings that are presently at the gallery or in my studio and talk about each.


  1. I’m looking forward to them. What you say is true about being unable to talk about your art. I was raised the same way you were…don’t brag about what you do. In a way I think that’s why we ascribe all our successes to the grace and glory of god. Why aren’t we just as able to blame our failures on god in the same way? We’ll have to explore this subject some day as I think you’re onto something here.

  2. I am awaiting all your blogs. You have come so far, especially lately. Not being able to talk about your work may come, in part, from your up bringing. But it also comes from a long journey to establish yourself. I believe you are extraordinarily talented. You deserve recognition. Let your inner voice tell you this every day!

  3. Ditto to Tom’s remarks.

    This explanation of your Kiva piece and how you came to arrive where you did with it belies any remarks you may make about not being able to talk about your work. You just did, and in a most beautiful and endearing way. Keep gabbin’

    • Thank you TC. Actually writing after some thought is easier than speaking spontaneously. I just need practice.

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