Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | September 7, 2010

Conclusions on Post: Why do You Buy Art?

In addition to posting my question here on WordPress about buying art, I asked the question also on facebook. I received several comments on this post as well as the following comments on facebook

“I buy art because I like it. If I had to buy art for an investment I would starve to death because I don’t know what is considered investable and what is not. If you don’t like a piece of art why would you hang it on your wall? “
” The art has to touch a feeling in my soul! Something spectacular about it moves me, and then I will buy it.”
From the comments I received, I concluded that buying art comes down to buying for investment or because you like the artwork or the artist. This is true whether the artwork is for yourself or as a gift for another. Knowing these two basic reasons still does not answer the question as to what triggers the exact moment of decision to purchase the art.
When I pressed people on that question, most said it had to do with their budget. Was there money available to buy the artwork at the price asked. This was said by people with unlimited as well as limited discretionary funds. I think that funds play a big part in the decision, but I have seen a man decide to buy a framed photograph when he learned that the photographer and he were both fishermen. The photograph had nothing to do with fishing. I’ve seen people spend large amounts on artwork when the money was going for a worthy cause.
I had hoped to get some insight into artwork buying practicec. I learned very little that was new to me. Reasons for the buying decision remain “luck of the draw”. Someone may “love” your work, but apparently, the moon has to be in the right position or something for the sale to occur.
That’s all for now, Folks!
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