Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | January 29, 2014

My Tempestuous Marriage to Painting

Silver Painting “Road to Glory”

From my earliest memories, Drawing and I have been friends. People came and went in my life, but Drawing never deserted me. It has been my lifelong friend.

In college, I dated Painting and Sculpture for four years, finally marrying Painting. On leaving college, Painting and I separated with only a brief visit together a couple of times until 1982. We got back together that year and had a wonderful reunion that lasted until the summer of 1983. Once more we separated for a year and a half and finally reunited in 1985.

From 1985-1989, we were together, but I often neglected Painting giving it little physical attention, although it was often in my thoughts. In 1990, I began a really intense exploration of my relationship with Painting. It was a very troubled period with highs and some bad lows. Out of the high periods came some really fine work. Yet, I found myself in 1993 turning a straying eye toward “Quilting”, just thinking and reading lots about it and looking at enticing photos. I tried to keep my marriage to Painting alive, but it was difficult. In 1994 and early 1995 while still married to Painting, I actually had a fling with “Writing”, mostly short stories, and the beginning of a novel. Then, in 1995, my lust for Quilting took over, and I began a full-blown affair with it that lasted until 2006. I totally left my marriage with Painting and gave little thought to it during those years. Quilting brought me so much pleasure, so many needed lessons in appreciating “process”, in learning to relax and live in the moment, in organizing a project, in appreciating color and pattern. I was extremely happy with Quilting and thought I would never leave it.

Yet, in 2006, after years away, I suddenly fell in love with “Painting” once more. I returned to my marriage to it and completely away from “Quilting”. I brought to Painting all the lessons I had learned from Quilting. Still, my marriage has had its stormy and sometimes, depressing, moments. I love Painting; I enjoy being with it, but there have been parts of the marriage that were and are troublesome–mostly to do with selling–but I have persisted and the relationship with Painting has deepened, especially in the last 2 years when Music became a third party to the marriage. I am enjoying the process and the products of this triad relationship, and I have learned to manage the less enjoyable aspects of the commitment (galleries, marketing, advertising, receptions and openings, etc).

I can now say that after 44 years of marriage to Painting, I still love it and know I do not wish to live without it—-unless Drawing decides it wants more from me than friendship.

© MtnWoman Silver 2014


  1. Vive long term relationships that get better and better! 🙂

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