Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | February 6, 2014

Being of Service

For a long time after leaving 20 years in the social work field and pursuing art full-time, I battled with guilt over not being of service to my fellow man or for not bringing in a steady income. In addition to painting, I added a part-time job as teacher’s aide to a high school, special education teacher. That lasted about six months. I decided I didn’t like being around high school students. Next, I volunteered to be a classroom assistant to an elementary school art teacher. That didn’t last either. I didn’t like being around most little kids; many are like loose cannons. Finally, I spent 10 years teaching computerized, graphic design programs part-time at an adult technical school. Dealing with semi-adults was a little easier. Still, I found that these activities added so much pressure and stress, I became fragmented and often, could not focus on creating. I finally gave up working for others. How did this become acceptable to me?

Well, after years of thought and soul searching, I arrived at my current way of thinking. Being the unique person that I am and showing what one unique person can achieve serves as an example and inspiration for others. So, I began to glorify my days in painting, making quilts, gardening, cooking, and caring for my husband and home. I decided that every creative effort is a valid excuse for itself. No other reason is necessary. I am because I am. I do because I do. However I wish to express in each day is okay. But, where is the service? I concluded that even if not done for another, every work that comes from within is in service of truth or beauty—and that is a valid service.


Self-Portrait: -A-Joyful-Noise-

© MtnWoman Silver 2014


  1. That looks just like you, Silver. Beautiful!!!! 🙂

  2. Your honesty is so appreciated – the creative process feels at once indulgent and of consequence. Helping people look slower and differently at things is a HUGE service:) paint on!!

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