Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | February 19, 2014

So Being

So Being

So Being

I painted this painting in 1987 and it was bought by a friend that same year. Just last week, I was talking with him on the phone and he mentioned that as we spoke, he was looking at this painting. He said, “I have always loved looking at that spaceship sailing across the sun”.  I was amazed at his interpretation of what he saw; all the time I was painting it, I saw it as a mysterious figure with one eye, a supernatural being, all knowing and all seeing. For some reason, I named it So-Being.

Since our conversation, I have thought much about art. Once a painting is out of the hands of the artist, it must truly live on its own. There is no way to know the many ways a viewer may interpret what he sees. And, hearing back what other people see in our work makes it become different even to us.  I think that is marvelous!

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