Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | November 20, 2014

Art in a Series


Self-Portrait: A Joyful Noise

In 1982, I painted in pastel on paper (18″ x 24″) a work I called “Self-Portrait: A Joyful Noise”. It was inspired by an idea I had about the source of creativity. It begins in the center and blossoms out into a gorgeous stylized flower. Every color in the flower is also in the center circle. The rays represent how the creation spreads out to infinity touching everything. It sold almost immediately leaving me with just a photographic record of it. Creating this painting seemed easy although it took three days to complete; color choices and placement just flowed, everything working harmoniously. It was pure magic.

In 1988, I decided to paint another pastel using the first as inspiration. This one was 32″ square but still using the idea portrayed in the first. I had a lot of trouble creating the second painting. Sometimes a color I chose would clash with one next to it creating a disharmonious grouping.  Other areas of colors were just lovely together. I worked on this painting for six months. Somewhere in the middle of painting it, I began thinking of it as if it were a church congregation. In church, you may be sitting with other members with whom you disagree on many things. You may not get along at all, but all of you are still part of the congregation. At other times, you are with people you totally agree with; you have perfect harmony. When the painting was finished, I offered it to Baton Rouge Unitarian Church, and it was accepted for their permanent art collection.

The Congregation


In November of 2013, I again took up this theme. I played around with a filter in Photoshop and created a swirling image. This one was just as difficult to do as the last one but for different reasons. Both of the previous paintings were done in pastel on paper. This one I chose to create with acrylic and inks on gallery-wrapped canvas. The size is 36″ square.

At first, I tried to use the same colors as the second painting, but finally abandoned that idea. As a result, this painting is very different from the previous two. For the past two years I have been painting vivid acrylic abstracts on which I drew with ink after the paintings were dry. Mostly, I use black India ink. For this painting, I added some silver and copper inks around the edges of the painted areas. I paint to classical music and Native American flute music, so that influenced the title of this painting. I finished this painting one year after starting it.


Unfolding Melody

I feel that all three paintings are dealing with the source of creativity.


© MtnWoman Silver 2014

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