Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | January 1, 2018

Christmas 2017–Bah! Humbug!

Christmas seemed odder this year or maybe, it was just me. My pattern is for the two or three weeks after Thanksgiving, I start voicing that I would like to skip Christmas this year or that I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up on January 2.

Around December 12, my husband began putting out signs of coming Christmas. He even went to Wal-Mart and bought some laser thing-a-ma-jig that projects hundreds of sparkling lights dancing across the front of the house and garages. Really pretty! He did the usual wrapping of lights around a sculptured, metal tree in the yard. He hung large striped bows on each side of the garage doors.

Finishing up the exterior, he turned next to the inside of the house. First, he put electrical candles in the front and side windows. When he was ready to do his task of assembling the 20-year old, 6-foot tall, artificial tree, I said, “I don’t want to put up the tree this year. Why don’t you get a little one and set it on the coffee table.”

Well, that didn’t sit well with him. His expression spoke volumes as he said, “You know you feel like this every year. When I get the tree together and you decorate it, you’ll start feeling Christmassy. I promise.”

“No,” I answered. “I don’t want you to put it together. I don’t want to decorate it this year.” He left it at that and disappeared.

The next day, I was piddling around tying large, red bows to the tops of three table lamps when in he comes lugging a big, two-branched root from my studio yard. I recognized it immediately. A few years ago, a man named Robert had given it to me as a decoration in my garden.

“Well,” I exclaimed. “That looks interesting!” I got up to examine it.

The root was covered with loose bark, and I did not wish it to drop debris onto the carpet. It definitely had possibilities, tho. We brushed off some of the bark, and I found two bricks and a half of a cinder block which I set up in the corner of the living room where the tree is normally placed. My husband brought in a short, wooden, decorative ladder to lean against the wall to help stabilize the root. By then, I was in the swing of things. He sat down and watched as I began decorating the “tree”.

First came two stands of lights wrapping the root from top to bottom. I hung a few of my dozens of ornaments and secured a small angel to the top. I wrapped the bricks and cinder block with a tree skirt and placed some decorative objects around it–a sleigh filled with greenery, a white, ceramic cat, and a lighted package. Voila! In less than an hour, Christmas had appeared in the corner of the room and the coldness encircling my heart began to thawtree 2017

Over the next weeks, I could write the Christmas newsletter, send out the cards and gifts, receive gifts from distant loved ones, sing with the choir for a nursing home, attend the candlelight, Christmas Eve service, enjoy phone calls with my sons and family, and share all these Christmas traditions and blessings with my wonderful husband who embodies the Christmas spirit year round.


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  1. That’s a nice “tree.” I like it. One of the most memorable Christmas trees I’ve ever seen was a bare branch. One of my African American patients was living with her daughter and son-in-law in DS. The daughter had a daughter in her early 20’s still at home. She was just as cute as she could be and had an infectious personality that included everyone and bubbled over. They had taken a large bare branch and colored it silver with spray paint. It was the granddaughter’s idea. The mother didn’t want too but went along with it. They were laughing as they were telling me about it. The mother thought everyone would think they were crazy. They then covered all the branches with lights, tinsel, and ornaments. I swear it was beautiful. I can still remember the granddaughter coming home from work one day while I was there. As she was taking off her coat she laughed and asked her mother, “Did you miss me?” It was just something about her that made you gravitate towards her.

    • What a wonderful story, Glenda. The only other time I had a non-traditional tree was in 1987. I found a dead “fig” branch in my back yard, stripped it, painted it lilac and planted it in a bucket of white stones. I decorated it and loved how it looked.. I gave a Christmas party for our church choir. and a man who had just moved to Louisiana from Indiana and joined our choir attended the party. He and I started dating and we have now been together for 30 years. Maybe that tree was “magic”. Happy New Year, Glenda.

  2. Love this!

    • Thank you. I hope you will come back for later posts also.

  3. There’s the Silver I know and love!

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