Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | January 6, 2018

Art is So Alive in the Paseo Arts District

This has been a wonderful two days, art wise. Yesterday, I saw Oklahoma artist, Denise Duong, in a segment of Gallery America on OETA. Her whimsical figures always intrigue me, and when I heard her say she had recently opened a gallery in the Paseo Arts District, I had to go to the First Friday Art Walk to check it out.

Her Little D Gallery is located at 3003A Paseo Drive. Exhibited there are not only large and small mixed-media works but also drawings of multiple figures (the ones I love) on wide, horizontal strips of paper about a foot high. Every figure is fascinating.

The crowd at Little D Gallery was so dense, I couldn’t get near to Denise and decided I would return on another day, hopefully to talk with her and study her artworks. Here is an image I got off Google to show an example of her drawings.


Of course, my husband and I browsed other galleries also, and of course, certain artworks really impressed me. Three artists at JRB Gallery made my list of favorites. Marilyn Artus was showing three of her fiber flags (I will need to return to study them more); there were three of Diana J. Smith’s outstanding dolls; and I loved the American Indian figurative paintings of Mike Larson. Down at Studio One, the landscapes of Gilbert Thompkins never fail to give me joy. At In Your Eye Gallery, I learned that photographer, Caroline Cohenour, is now painting. The new works are well worth a visit.

That’s it for now.

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