Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | January 15, 2018

Choosing the Best Eggplant: Boy or Girl?

This is info, on picking the best tasting eggplant, written by one of my favorite bloggers although she hasn’t been around for awhile. I’m hoping she will start back blogging because she is a fine writer.

My Wintersong

Do you know how to choose the best eggplant? Over the years as much as I’ve enjoyed eggplant, I have to admit sometimes the ones I bought and cooked tasted bitter. I tried different ways to take the bitter out, like salting down the slices very heavily and leaving them to sweat on towels for awhile, then washing the salt off, patting the slices dry like my Italian boss told me to do years ago, but the intermittent bitter eggplant was always a problem. Now maybe a lot of you are a lot smarter than I in these things, but until recently I never knew how to choose consistently good, not bitter, eggplants. Not so anymore.

When we were in Seattle at the famous Pike Street Market I happened to see a woman from one of the colorful veggie stalls in the middle of the sidewalk talking about eggplants. I…

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