Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | March 19, 2018

Update on Mural-Making

Those of you who have been following the process of my painting a mural are aware that this is for my personal use. When it is finished, I plan to attach it to the back fence behind my house’s patio like the one behind my studio’s patio.

I have had two more sessions on the mural, but the work is going painstakingly slowly, certainly not worth a post here. I have decided to keep notes and pictures of the process, but dispense with the blogs. I have too many things I’m doing between sessions on the mural. Some of those are preparing for my spring gardening, doing a cardio-fitness program at the YMCA, preparing for some trips this summer, having visitors here, and painting other works.

The mural will hopefully be finished during the summer. I will do a long blog then.

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  1. I get you. Those day to day projects add up and keep you busy. It’s the way to enjoy life, and not just occupy the days! Enjoy.

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