Posted by: MtnWoman Silver | May 4, 2018

Nine Ways to End the Relationship with Your Parent(s)


If you have an unwanted relationship with one or both parents and want to sever your connection to them, here are nine ways to insure success. One word of caution–mothers are much harder to get rid of than fathers. They keep hoping and trying.

#1:  Live across the country at least 700 miles away from them.

#2: Never go to visit them claiming heavy work schedule, and never have them visit you in your place. If they drive the 700 miles to see you, meet them for an hour or so for dinner in a restaurant, of course, paid for by them.

#3: If possible, never call them, or only call once or twice a year. Any calls you make will be to vent about your life situation and/or ask to borrow money.

#4: If you call, talk only about yourself and never ask about them or show any interest in what is going on in their lives.

#5: If you call, feel free to lie about anything in your life since all they know about you is what you tell them. When they realize how many things you say are lies, hopefully, they will call you less.

#6: When your parent calls you, never answer the phone. The next time you call them, claim your heavy work schedule for not getting back to them.

#7: If a parent expresses any concerns about his/her aging and health or that they may need your assistance in the future, say, “No way! People don’t do that anymore.”

#8: Forget or ignore your parents’ birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s or Father’s Day.

#9: Finally, the most successful act to sever your connection with your parents: Borrow money repeatedly and NEVER repay it.

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