I am a professional artist. My formal education includes a fine arts degree in studio arts and post-graduate study in graphic design. In my work, I use acrylic paint, hand-painted and stamped papers, found objects, and fabric. My paintings, mixed media works, and art quilts have won numerous awards and have been exhibited in regional and national juried shows. I am a member of Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and Paseo Art Association. I currently reside in Oklahoma and sell my work  through MtnWoman Silver Art Studio and on Fine Art America,  http://silver.artistwebsites.com/.

As an artist, my creativity has been expressed in painting, sculpting, collage, art quilts, poems, short stories, journaling, and gardening. With a degree in painting, I worked many “jobs” to support myself while thinking of myself as a professional artist. For 50 years, I have sold paintings, wood constructions, quilts, and done commissioned portraits and quilts. After the last 3 years of soul-searching, I have decided to broaden the content of this blog and talk about a variety of things instead of limiting myself to my painting career. I fear it is going to be a bumpy ride. I hope you will join me.

Like everyone else, I am not only an artist. I have been married to a wonderfully supportive man for 26 years with whom I share a love of singing, traveling, reading, seeing movies, and gardening. In fact, we met in a church choir. Because of his work, we have lived in Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, and now, here in Oklahoma City. We have fallen in love with Oklahoma and will likely remain here. I have an 8 year old granddaughter and a 5 year old grandson. Seeing the world through their eyes is one of the great pleasures of my life.

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