IMAGES of MtnWoman Silver’s Artwork

Over my many years as an artist, I have explored techniques and mediums, surfaces including canvas, paper, wood, fabric, etc., and cannot seem to let go of my compulsive, curious nature. What if I did this? What if I used this? My studio is filled with collections of items I have found or bought or received as gifts (beads, rocks, wood cutouts, driftwood, straws, watches, keys, jars, bottles, old boots, feathers, ribbons, strings, different wires, cigar boxes, stamps, dyed papers, fabric, bottle caps, drink can tabs, lids). The list is endless. 

Here are links to some of my work through the years. If an artist needs one style of work to be accepted as a “true” artist, then, I can’t fit the description. I have done many bodies of work and still add to each series. What can I say? I am an experimental mixed-media artist.

Below are albums of my artwork archived on Flickr. If you might like a product made from some of my work, click on this link which will take you to Fine Art America. Originals still available may be bought from me.

All Sets of paintings on Flickr

Colorful People

Acrylic Abstracts

Collage Abstracts

Original Artquilts


From Doodles to Finished Artwork

Symbol Paintings

Abstracts on Paper

Touch of Blue Series

Pastel Abstracts

Sold and Commissioned Work since 1995

Sold Work Before 1995



Acrylic Wood and Rock Constructions



  1. Wow!
    No wonder you do not have time to eat. I enjoyed reading about your recent trip to NM/Ariz.
    In the summers of 1963/1964 I worked at Glorieta Baptist Assembly outside of Santa Fe & came to really enjoy the area.
    Hope you have another great & productive year.

    • Thanks Pat I’ve heard about Glorietta from someone else who did church camp trips there, but I’ve never been there. I hear it is gorgeous. Tell Bryan I checked out his blog and the “opry” u-tubes after I got your Christmas letter. He is one busy dude. I did not know he sang and played guitar. Is that new?

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